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Hilgard Muller is a trusted name in the industry since 1989 working in sales and also being a Manager in Johannesburg, KZN and Cape Town at brands like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Jaguar Land Rover and specialising in Exotic Cars .

At THE DEALERS GROUP the Muller Family work as one person and  strive to take the stress out of the purchase and search for the Exotic Car , Yacht  you want to buy with a wide network of dealers country wide to assists you with the whole process from start to finish.

We will get the best Dream Car , Yacht  for you at the best possible price.

THE DEALERS GROUP can deliver worldwide , if we deliver in SA we load the vehicle on to a carrier and get a dealer closest to you  to deliver your car ,otherwise if the vehicle needs to go over seas we can also arrange shipping at a additional cost ,with the YACHTS we can deliver to any port  worldwide also at a additional cost to the buyer.

THE DEALERS GROUP  is a Approved Dealer for insurance and have a lasting relationship with CLUB MARINE INSURANCE ,we do insurance for everything from Private , business ,4x4 ,Yachts ,boats ,motor bikes , Plant equipment and cross boarder insurance and many more.

THE DEALERS GROUP also offers Finance for private to private or if you just buying your dream EXOTIC CAR OR YACHT.

We are there for you and is waiting to assist you with your next purchase or if you just selling give us a call for the best EXPERIENCE you will ever have.

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