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Experience the Elegance of Europe's Most Popular Electric Vehicle - TCMAX! 


Key Features:


  • Impressive Performance: TCMAX accelerates to a thrilling 95 km/h with a powerful 3.9KW engine. Embark on journeys up to 92 km on a single charge, making it a perfect companion for your daily adventures.

  • Café Racer Design: Embrace the city with Café Racer lines and a 100% electric soul. The quilted faux leather saddle ensures comfort on even the longest trips, while the combined braking system guarantees safety and reliability.

  • LCD Instrument Panel: A fusion of technology and retro styling, the LCD instrument panel draws inspiration from classic mechanical displays typical of café racers. The white backlighting and defined characters offer a refined, simple, and easy-to-read experience.

  • Dynamic LED Headlight: Adapt to all road conditions with a dynamic LED headlight providing high illumination, a wide angle, and maximum safety, whether you're riding day or night.

  • High Power Central Engine: The central motor, set in the frame and connected to the rear wheel via a toothed transmission belt, ensures optimal weight distribution for enhanced riding pleasure.

  • Convenient Battery Management: Easily remove, transport, and charge your 72V45Ah battery wherever you want. Alternatively, plug it into a regular power outlet for added convenience.

  • Comfort for Two: The comfortable seat and extra pedals ensure a pleasant journey not just for the rider but also for the passenger.

  • Battery Brilliance: The 72V45Ah battery boasts a 3-year warranty and supports up to 1200 cycles. Enjoy the road with confidence.

    R105 300,00Price
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