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Super Soco CPx

Super Soco CPx

Unleash the City Power with Super Soco CPx - Your Ultimate Electric Journey Awaits!


Key Features:

  • High Performances, Big Everything: CPx, the epitome of electric two-wheelers, offers a thrilling 90 Km/h max speed and 4.0KW engine power. Enjoy the journey with a remarkable L3 autonomy of 137 Km, powered by two batteries.

  • Size and Functionality Harmony: The CPx strikes the perfect balance, integrating cutting-edge technology and thoughtful details to make your ride easy, safe, and enjoyable.

  • Versatile Convenience: From a USB charging port to a spacious 2,000 cm³ storage compartment, CPx ensures you're always connected and ready for the road.

  • Effortless Maintenance: With a patented single wishbone motor, change your wheel in just 5 minutes. The one-push reverse button adds a touch of convenience for effortless reversing.

  • Details that Impress: Brightly contrasting color stitching enhances the contours of the extra durable comfort seat, offering maximum comfort and style even on long trips.

  • Illuminating the Way: Full LED headlights provide optimal visibility day and night, ensuring safety in all weather conditions.

  • Long-Lasting Power: The 60V45ah battery capacity guarantees an extended travel range, with a battery life of over 3 years and 1200+ cycles. Charge up in just 3.5 hours for a single battery.

    R142 650,00Price
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