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Invest In Mauritius

Invest In Mauritius

For a minimum investment of $375 000, investors obtain permanent residency for themselves, their spouses, children of all ages as well as their parents. The permit is valid as long as you own the property. There is a flat registration fee of 5% on all properties, the property can be residence or an investment.

More and more people are moving to Mauritius each year. There are a booming economy and a safe and secure society that reminds many people of times gone by.

There are luxury and gated communities of various sizes that offer everything from private beaches to golf courses. The government has a strong focus on education, there is free primary and high school for Mauritians, and academic attainment is at a high level. Mauritius bases its education program on the British system, both English and French are mandatory in schools.

Mauritius has a simple and attractive tax system, there is a corporate and personal tax rate of 15% or 10% for low-income earners, VAT is also 15%. There are possibilities for exemption on international income. Dividends from Mauritius companies are tax free. Foreign dividends are taxable, but there are credits available. There is NO capital gains tax. From safaris to white sand beaches, amazing blue water, mountains, fishing, World Heritage Sites and so much more packed in one country you won’t run out of thing to do or see in Mauritius.

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