• All in one unit eliminating preamp to amp and amp to speaker cables and only needing one ac lead. If used, one additional cable may be required for a remote rear or remote left speaker.

  • Keeping the height at coffee table level making it less visible in any environment and more uniform.

  • The 360 degree sound projection and cylindrical design providing the same visual cosmetics from all sides, allows for placement in the centre of a room , restaurant ,shop ,deck ,lobby etc

  • Due to the unique design having no external objects or speaker grills and being cylindrical custom covers and paint can be applied to the product.

A unique and appealing aesthetic design has been achieved as indicated by the following:

  • Eliminating the all so common but required visible heat sink view but still exposing it to airflow.

  • Simplistic shape allows for little conflict with other shapes and a non ageing design.

  • The unit is self standing eliminating need for wall units or shelf space and any form of speaker brackets etc.